The Empty Chair - EP

by Chasing the Sky

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Once upon a time, Glee (the TV show) and Chevy (the carriage manufacturer) decided to sponsor the Superbowl. But they had so many promotional videos to release, and only the the most heroic band in all the country would suit as background music. That's when Chasing the Sky arrived. Glee and Chevy were so grateful that they rained money on the band. In turn, the band paid off their recording debts and decided to give you the album for free.

“It's no wonder Chasing the Sky promises to become 'the soundtrack to the most intimate moments of your life'. Its carefully crafted, high-energy sound pulls from modern pop-rock and indie influences, and often veers into ballad territory, featuring soaring vocals and heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics that aim to reveal each listener's story.”
-On the Rise: Bands that are Going Places , Revue Magazine

“[The Empty Chair is] a worthy album to check out ... Chasing the Sky meshes incisive alt-rock with pop hooks amid somewhat moody lyrics that flow together well. ”
-John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press

"What makes [Chasing the sky so appealing is] ballad-heavy music with varying degrees of rock. 'A Certain Degree' brings the work forward on almost a 90s alternative rock foot ... 'The Glass Winter' almost channels a band like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus ... 'Beautiful, Broken Thing', 'Satellites' and 'William' (Forever Lost)” usher the listener out on an impressive note.”
-West Michigan Noise

"Chasing the Sky's new album, The Empty Chair, is one you should not miss. All the tracks are obviously well written with story in mind. They stand up beautifully against the bands they look to for inspiration such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, MuteMath, Third Eye Blind, and the Beatles. Kudos to Chasing the Sky for making it happen."
— Melanie Coker, Behind the Velvet Curtain


released October 1, 2010

Chasing the Sky is: Ryan Dekkinga, Brenden Stark, Tim Alexander, Mike Ritz, Kevin VanAntwerpen

Artwork by Jay Bolt



all rights reserved


Chasing the Sky Grand Rapids, Michigan

Chasing the Sky is a pop-rock band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that you may have heard thanks to Glee, Chevrolet, or Western Digital. The band’s music has been called “well-crafted” and “terrific” (John Sinkevics, The Grand Rapids Press), “Impressive” (West Michigan Noise), and a musical effort that you “should not miss” (Melanie Coker, Behind the Velvet Curtain). ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful, Broken Thing
I've seen your broken heart stripped down and sold for parts.
You beautiful, broken thing - you're a glass doll caught up in strings.
You can't heal your wounds with only tape and glue.
And what they say doesn't matter anyway.
It's time to go. Let's get our bags and hit the road.
Just kill the lights, we'll disappear tonight.
Secrets lace your heart like vines,
wrapped tight to keep you inside.
Shut your eyes, fight back those tears.
Just pretend it doesn't hurt.
You're living like a ghost, but no you're not alone.
And what they say doesn't matter anyway.
No, we won't be - just parts to this machine.
Just kill the lights and we'll disappear tonight. (you and me tonight)
Track Name: The Glass Winter
All heroes die eventually.
The world is cold, its heart and soul are slowly spinning gears.
And the worst to lose a child:
beneath the ice are the vapors of heaven and hell.

You're laid on these flowers for the fires to devour,
you disintegrate, and you fade.

A mother waits at the door,
watching for her son, for a boy who won't be coming home.
And neither god nor the devil are going to break the rules,
going to rescue you.

The freeway is king tonight.

You're laid on these flowers for the fires to devour,
you disintegrate, and you fade ...
but burn like a beacon to light the horizon.
The night is bright as day - we're awake

And the machine, it carries on.
It never breaks, it will never pause.
Not for the tears of men or gods.
Not for the death of an only son.

(All my life, these TV lights were burning brighter than the sun.)

You're laid on these flowers for the fires devour.
You disintegrate and you fade.
(Burn it down)
You burn like a beacon to light the horizon.
The night as bright as day - we're awake.
Track Name: A Certain Degree
When your world disappears,
you'll know it my dear.
It's a certain degree of sadness.
You spend your whole life
erasing what's near,
it's a certain degree of madness.

When your words disappear,
nothing is clear.
It's a certain degree of sadness.
You take your own advice,
such worthless insight.
How do you live with all your madness?

Hide behind your old disguise,
change who you are for your next new life,
no one stays and everyone goes.
You've lost real friends by your selfish trends.
Say how your life is just so right.
You're just so mad and everyone knows.
Track Name: Satellites
I still remember that night.
Our stars were so aligned.
Something felt so right,
Like a fire on an autumn night.
Some people go all their lives and never feel this alive.
I looked up to the sky, took a breath and spoke my mind.
The thoughts I hide, if you only knew.
I've been searching through this life, just to find a "me and you".
In this moment, one thing is true:
I'd bring down the sky just be with you.
Can't forget that night.
Those stars, I think they lied.
Should've kept my tongue at bay
But we all have our roles to play.
And the moon was lost in the clouds,
I couldn't find you in the dark.

You're like the ocean, baby.
I'm standing on the shore.
What's behind those eyes, if I only knew.
I've been searching through this life just to find a "me and you"
You want the world, and I know you:
Even if I bring down the sky, it still won't do.
And your eyes are not the same,
Am I just not everything you need?
I wish I could start over again
I'd slow things down and give you the time you need.
And I know you're not the sun - but you're still there in the air I breathe.
It's been some time since I've seen you.
And time has a way of revealing the truth.
It's been some time, if it's all right with you.
I want you to know that I'm always here for you.